iZone Smart Air Conditioning

Smart Air Conditioning

The iZone climate control system is highly affordable, efficient, and effective. It’s far superior to most other systems, It wirelessly adjusts the temperature, air distribution, and airflow to any room in your house from anywhere, anytime.

If you haven’t already experienced Smart Technology in your home yet, there’s no better way to save money and have complete climate control throughout your home – all in the palm of your hand! With greater control comes greater comfort and with iZone’s climate control system, you can individually control up to 14 zones in your home at any temperature you want! This system is easy to use via your smartphone or tablet and offers temperature control within 1 degree, whereas most other systems fluctuate between 2 and 3 degrees.

climate control tablet app

Each level of control can be customized throughout your home to suit any budget. By switching over to a smart climate control system you can save up to 30% a year on your bills! By designing specific features that are embedded with firmware, iZone’s internet-connected system is reliable and secure, meaning only you and your family are in control at all times. 

climate control system inside house

So what are the perks that come with using an iZone system? When switching to a smart climate control system, these are the key features you should look out for:

Floating Sensor
These are the most efficient way to control varying temperatures in different zones. Floating sensors continuously monitor all sensors within your home to see which one should be the controlling sensor. The controlling sensor hops between zones when there is a temperature change. When setpoints in each zone are reached, excess air goes through the bypass damper in order for the system to cycle more effectively.

Bypass Damper
Excess air is automatically diverted through the bypass damper and into the return duct. This goes into the roof cavity so it does not affect the achieved perfect temperature in the conditioned space. Bypass dampers significantly improve comfort and control.

In-Duct Supply Air Sensor
This adds an extra level of efficiency and control. The air temperature in the duct is measured when installed into the path of the fan coil within the supply air starter. The zone damper opens using any remaining hot or cold air in the supply air duct, rather than having to restart the machine.

Auto Fan Control
The fan speed is automatically adjusted according to how many zones are being heated or cooled, allowing only the optimal amount of airflow in the zones. This reduces running costs and the need for manual intervention.

Economy Mode
Most modern air conditioning units will already have this and are essential in achieving optimal efficiency, resulting in lower energy costs. A user can set the upper and lower temperatures so that the system only ever operates between these two temperatures regardless of what is input at the time.

When looking for the right climate control system, at the end of the day the best ones should be providing precise climate control, year-round comfort and greater energy efficiency. If you’re looking to install a smart climate control system in your home or business, get in touch with Crispair today to see how we can help!