Daikin Air Conditioning

Daikin is a world leader in air conditioning technology. For nearly 80 years they have become renowned for producing leading-edge technology that is practical, efficient, quiet and economical.

With an extensive range of quality systems available to us from Daikin, we are able to tailor a particular system to suit your requirements. Our Balcatta showroom contains working models of most Daikin products.

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Panasonic Air Conditioning

Crispair has been part of the Panasonic Dealer network for 9 years. During that time, we have installed many ducted systems, wall splits and ceiling cassettes.

All the models of Panasonic FS Inverter Series are equipped with DC inverters for the higher EER operation. The new design attains quiet and high efficient operation and reduces the running cost.

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Airstream Components

The selection of components used to distribute air are critical to achieving an efficient design and imperatve to minimize running costs. These are broadly broken into two major areas – ducting and controls.

At Crispair we are one of very few who only use duct with a rating of R1.5.

On all return air vents, Crispair only use acoustic line duct which substantially reduces the noise level on the return air vent making the whole system quieter.

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AirStream Components

The Airstream iZone Controller

The type of controller used is also an important factor when looking at minimizing running costs. On residential installations Crispair use the Air-Stream iZone controller.

This controller does not require a secondary controller and controls all functions of the air conditioner as well as having the ability to increase or decrease air flow by 5% increments. 

iZone controllers also give you the ability to have different rooms or zones on different temperatures. This cannot be achieved with standard controllers where the desired temperature is averaged throughout the home from one set point.

Call our friendly staff at Crispair for more information or see the iZone in operation in our Balcatta showroom.

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Airstream iLight

Lighting your home is a fairly obvious necessity when it comes to being able to see what you are doing. However, what if you took lighting your home that one step further and actually started playing around with mood lighting. You may have already tried using coloured bulbs in lamps and in area’s that you don’t require the standard bright white light.

This form of mood lighting is quite restricting and doesn’t enable you with any kind of control and variation to the types of moods you are seeking to create.

At Crispair we offer you iLight which is an innovative and automated lighting system that is easy to use and where installation is almost non-existent.

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