Exceptional Ducted Aircon Systems From Daikin

Daikin has spent many years carefully crafted complex and intelligent ducted air conditioning systems. With their current technologies, a Daikin ducted system offers powerful, efficient and almost silent, air conditioning throughout the entire home.

Aesthetic Appeal

Daikin also prioritises aesthetics making sure their ducted systems can be customised to fit into any home. Once installed, the components are barely visible. The indoor unit can be easily hidden in the roof or underneath the floor. Flexible ductwork will be integrated seamlessly into your roof connecting to vents in each room and the outdoor unit will be placed outside as discreetly as possible. You will only see the controller, return air and discharge grilles.

Energy Efficiency

Air Conditioning Units in Australia and New Zealand are required to meet certain requirements set out by the government. These requirements are referred to as the nationally standardised Minimum Energy Performance Standards (MEPS). Daikin’s Ducted Air Conditioning exceeds these energy efficiency requirements. Daikin is committed to sustainability and providing customers with the most energy-efficient air conditioning solutions possible.

Customer Support

They also offer after-sales service and support with an established and reliable service department. There is an in-house call centre, support centre and a dedicated spare parts division to ensure all of Daikin’s customers can get any assistance they may need.

Daikin Ducted Aircon Features and Benefits

Nav Ease

  • Wall Controller The monitor is illuminated and has easy-to-read lettering.
  • To configure on and off timings, use a weekly schedule timer.
  • When the temperature in your room drops below 10 degrees Celsius, the Home Leave function can automatically switch on your air conditioner.
  • Quick Cool / Heat mode enhances air conditioning power for a brief period to help you achieve your prefered operating temperature faster before returning to regular operation.
  • Set the temperature mode changeover, which shifts from cooling to heating or heating to cooling at pre-determined intervals.
  • The systems have a Temperature Limit. This assists you in saving energy as you can implement pre-defined temperature ranges when heating or cooling.

Zoned Temperature Control

With Daikin ducted air conditioning, you can control the temperature of each room in your house. Daikin Ducted Systems allow you to separate your house into zones that can be individually heated or cooled at different temperatures. For example, each bedroom could fall into one zone, while the living spaces are in a second zone, and so on. The placement of discharge grilles may also be customised to fit the geometry of each space for optimal airflow.

  • Easy-to-read writing on a backlit panel.
  • Installation is adaptable to any room in your house.
  • For accurate, programmed control of your house, there are three separate timer and time clock actions.
  • Countdown Timer that may be set in 1-hour intervals for as long as 12 hours.
  • The basic 7-day Time Clock may be used to program the controller at specific times on any day of the week to switch the system on and off. There may be two different on and off cycles each day.
  • A sophisticated 7-day Time Clock adds advanced features like Zone Control and Temperature Sensor Selection to the Simple 7-day Time Clock for the utmost in-home comfort.

High-Quality Inverter

An inverter system functions similarly to a car’s accelerator, gradually raising or lowering power to maintain ideal temperature free from fluctuations. This means your home will have uninterrupted comfort, not to mention huge cost savings. Ducted Systems that utilise premium inverters from Daikin can also achieve your target temperature faster than traditional air conditioners.

Intuitive Air Conditioning

Daikin’s ducted systems have smart technology that will automatically heat or cool based on the desired setting and the room’s base temperature. There’s no need to worry about switching settings when changing from heating to cooling or vice versa.

Predicted Mean Vote (PMV)

Technology This technology calculates the perfect room temperature by combining interior and exterior temperatures and gently adjusts it for the best mix of efficiency and comfort.

Pre-Determined Temp Control

With a Daikin Ducted System, you get to choose the temperature range for cooling or heating ahead of time to save electricity.

Control Remotely

When leave home control is engaged, your air conditioner automatically starts working when room temperatures drop below 10 degrees Celsius (or to your desired temperature), maintaining your house at or above a certain temperature so your home is never too hot and never too cold regardless of whether you are home or not.

Quiet Mode

When outside temperatures fall more than 6 degrees Celsius below the day’s highest, the outdoor unit’s loudness is automatically decreased by 3 decibels (set during installation).

Dry Mode

In this setting, lowering the room’s humidity level takes precedence over lowering the temperature.

Intelligent Defrosting

Frost can accumulate on the outside unit heat exchanger during heating operation under low ambient temperature settings, reducing the effectiveness of your air conditioner. The intelligent defrost technology from Daikin continuously monitors a variety of system factors and temperatures to identify the best moment to start a defrost operation for maximum performance in cold weather.

Quick Start

Before the fan turns on, the inside unit heats to a pre-set temperature, ensuring that only warm air is released and preventing cold draughts.

Power Mode: Fast Cooling or Heating

This function increases power for a short period of time to help you reach your target room temperature faster before returning to regular operation.

Power Outtage Auto-Restart

When power is restored after a power outage, the air conditioner remembers the mode, airflow, and temperature settings and automatically restores them.

Self Diagnostics Via Digital Display

The display of malfunction codes on your control panel allows for quick and easy problem diagnosis and maintenance.

Anticorrosive Coating

Outdoor heat exchangers with an anti-corrosion coating are more resistant to salt damage and air corrosion.

Minimal Design

Daikin ducted indoor units have a small design that allows them to be put in limited places. They can also be removed for easy installation in narrow roof spaces.

Pre-programmable Timer

This timer may be pre-programmed to start and stop at any point during the next 24 hours. You can also schedule your air conditioner to turn on and off at specific times throughout the week.

Night Mode

A timed off circuit gradually adjusts pre-set cooling and heating levels, eliminating unexpected temperature fluctuations in the middle of the night and saving money.

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