Ducted Air Conditioning Perth

The air conditioning systems that we provide at Crispair are top of the range and truly able to cater to anyone of your air conditioning needs. At Crispair we are locally based and understand the requirements Perth’s harsh summer climate demands. One of the most popular air conditioning systems is ducted air conditioning.

A ducted air system is a seamless design which will integrate air conditioning across multiple rooms in your home, all with effortless and practical central controls.

What is Ducted Air Conditioning?

A ducted air system in its most basic sense consists of an outdoor and indoor unit with ducting to distribute air all throughout the home usually via ceiling vents. The nature of the ducted system allows customisation of the system and flexibility over where the air is received in the home.

The ducting system itself is hidden in the ceiling. This means only the control panel and the discharge air and return grills being visible.

The outdoor unit acts as a warm air dispenser when in cooling mode and can be found outside the home in a discreet location wherever possible.

The system links up with multiple rooms in the house in order to provide airflow whenever it is desired. This is called zoning and it is best to individually zone every room separately to give you maximum efficiency and flexibility.

Energy Efficient Ducted Air Conditioning

Another amazing benefit that the ducted system provides is the integrated design which allows for energy efficiency when rooms or zones are specified, resulting in a reduction of needless air flow wastage.

The Ducted Air system should be seen as a whole-home solution rather than just a cool air dispenser, it allows the control over the entire home in whatever ways suit your lifestyle. Where other air conditioning solutions may provide only partial coverage or conditioning throughout the home, the ducted system provides an easy-to-use system that is highly efficient and effective at either cooling or heating your home.

Crispair’s Ducted Air Conditioning Solutions

If you are looking for a ducted air solution in the Perth area, at Crispair we can meet your every expectation. We specialise in two of the world’s best-ducted systems; Daikin and Panasonic. We have a strong relationship with both brands and have for many years been providing top of the line, high-quality air conditioning systems.

Daikin Ducted Systems

The Daikin Air Con system can provide cooling for up to 12 zones, all managed from a central colour touchscreen controller. Wi-Fi access is also standard these days allowing you to turn the system on or off remotely. Daikin have carried out extensive research and development of their product to give it maximum efficiency to reduce your running costs.

Ducted systems, which we sell and install all across Perth, have several other benefits besides the clean look and the high quality they provide.

Efficient design is critical for a quiet operation which allows for the utmost comfort in whatever activity you are engaging in. Alongside not having to worry about hearing a loud motor, you can rest easy knowing that the systems we provide are leading in energy efficiency, not only in the practicality of how they can be used but specifically in the design as well.

They are also built and tested for sustainability in the rapidly changing and diverse weather that we face every day in Perth. They can perform exceptionally in even up to 46 degrees providing adequate counter-cooling but also can keep your home warm in up to -20C with the heating capabilities the ducted system has.

Call us today to discuss how we can help you get into a ducted air conditioning system today on (08) 9240 1817.