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Air conditioners can harvest harmful mould which if not treated may lead to a wide range of illnesses and allergic reactions. Prevent potential health hazards and ensure your air conditioning system performs to peak efficiency with a service carried out by our fully qualified technicians.

Air conditioning units need to be expertly serviced and cleaned each year. Below is an example of the difference our carefully carried out cleaning regime can make. Click on the arrow in the visual below and judge for yourself.

Air Conditioning is a major investment so it is important that your system is well maintained and serviced to maximise its performance and efficiency. Crispair’s highly skilled service team are able to service and carry out warranty work on most brands.

Residential Servicing


Residential reverse cycle systems require servicing every 12 months. For some brands warranty can be voided if servicing is not carried out. Residential evaporative systems require a summer start up service and a winter shutdown.

At Crispair we can offer preventative service and maintenance contracts for both residential and commercial applications. This allows optimum performance and can increase the lifespan of your system.

Commercial Servicing

Commercial systems require much more regular servicing than residential applications and are usually carried out under maintenance contracts.


Wall Split Cleaning

Crispair offer a wall split cleaning service which is carried out by qualified refrigeration mechanics.

Traditionally, wall split servicing simply meant cleaning the filter, checking drains and gas levels. Over a period of time contaminants build up on the indoor coil and fan causing the unit to be inefficient and more importantly these contaminants are harmful and can cause illness to you and your family as you could be breathing in mildew, bacteria, mould and other contaminants. Not only will you be breathing healthy air but your system will be more efficient and therefore cheaper to run. Air flow is also improved as the barrel fan is generally clogged with contaminants.

View our Wall Split Servicing Gallery below.

The Process

Our cleaning service involves removing the front fascia of the indoor unit. A coil cleaner is sprayed onto the indoor coil, barrel fan, drip tray and other components.

A catch bag is placed around the indoor unit and a variable speed water pressure cleaner is sprayed over the parts removing the contaminants into the catch bag which then drains to a container.

The results can be seen by the colour of the water which is generally brown to black as the contaminants are released. Customers are generally shocked to see what contaminates have been removed during the cleaning process.

The indoor unit does not have to be removed from the wall. Drop sheets are placed below the work area and the catch bag makes the whole process clean and safe. Most wall splits will take approximately 45 minutes to clean from start to finish.

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