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Evaporative Changeover

With our long hot summers becoming increasingly more humid, much of our core business over summer is to remove evaporative systems and replace them with a reverse cycle system.

The changeover involves removing old components from the roof space, removing the evaporative cooler, from the roof and patching the roof.

A skip bin is provided for all rubbish and the new system installed – all within a day.

Providing a Total Turnkey Solution

Nothing can be reused from your old evaporative system, as the duct size is generally too large for reverse cycle systems and as it has been using outside air, the duct is tainted with dust and other particles.

The old duct will also be of a lesser insulation value which if reused would make the new system less efficient.

In most instances the location of the existing ceiling grilles will not be desirable due to the different air flow requirements and a site visit by one of our sales consultants is required to determine which locations can be reused.

Most installations require a number of ceiling patches by a ceiling fixer. Crispair provide a total turnkey service from evaporative to reverse cycle, so why not get started today and give us a call.


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Client Success Stories

The unit has coped with all conditions well. Just to let you know how pleased I am with the Daikin reverse cycle unit Crispair fitted just over a year ago.

I have been through a summer and a winter season now and as you said the unit has coped with all conditions well.

Doreen Ashby New Installation November 17, 2014