Replace Your Evaporative System and Save Today

Replace Your Evaporative System and Save Today

Why You Should Change from Evaporative to Reverse Cycle Air Conditioning
While evaporative air conditioning systems are useful in some situations, they are inefficient when the environment is humid. Perth’s average humidity is 52.3%, with the lowest being 43% in January and the highest being 63% in June. Evaporative systems are commonly referred to as a “swampy” or “swamp cooler” because it uses pads and moisture to cool your home. The main reason why you’ll hear this name is the fact that if a swamp cooler isn’t cleaned regularly, it begins to smell like a swamp! Nobody wants that. To ensure your swamp cooler doesn’t live up to its name, you’ll want to have it properly maintained and cleaned regularly.

Imagine adding more moisture when the air is already moist; it will not be comfortable, particularly in the summer and winter. Evaporative air conditioning systems absorb moisture and produce cooler air in the environment. As a result, if you use it during high humidity periods, the equipment will be nearly ineffective. The air is already moist, and adding more moisture is not recommended in such a climate.

If you haven’t made the switch from an evaporative unit to a reverse cycle air conditioner yet, here are some of the top reasons why others are:

1. Stay warmer in winter
Winters in Perth are typically cold and wet, with temperatures as low as eight degrees. Storms may occur from time to time, making your home cooler than usual. You’ll need dependable equipment to keep you warm on these cold days. The heating technique used by reverse cycle air conditioners is efficient – when the heating mode is activated, the unit will draw heat from the surrounding air which will then be distributed throughout the room.
This is done by a refrigerant that flows through the unit’s external coil. It works by absorbing heat from the surrounding air. This specific refrigerant will be pumped through the compressor of the unit which then proceeds to the fan coil located inside the indoor unit.

2. Your home will be kept cool and comfortable in summer
The unit is simple to use and cools your home with just a flick of the switch. It absorbs heat from the air inside and dissipates it outside as an energy-efficient system. Perth summers can become extremely hot and even when the temperature outside is in the high 40s, the result is significantly cooler inside

3. Increased efficiency
Reverse cycle air conditioners are highly efficient, both in terms of energy consumption and cost. It can be used for both cooling and heating, so you won’t have to switch to another appliance and making these modern systems an excellent home improvement investment. While electricity prices continue to rise, these systems are designed to consume as little energy as possible. Every kW of energy you use generates at least three kW of energy for heating or cooling.

4. Reverse cycle air conditioners can benefit allergy and asthma sufferers
This type of air conditioner can purify the air, which means it can remove smoke and dust from the room. Many modern systems have a built-in filter that can clean the air with a filter that is capable of capturing microscopic particles in the air. Depending on the model of your air conditioner, it may even eliminate odours and neutralise bacteria and viruses. As a result, even if it is not allergy season, these systems are ideal for people who sneeze every few hours.

5. Environmentally friendly
When compared to a standard electric heater, reverse cycle air conditioning units emit only one-third of the greenhouse gas emissions. Some systems are rated five stars or higher, such as Daikin’s split system, which has a seven-star rating. It means that the system will emit less than 0.2% of the pollutants emitted by traditional electric heaters.

The benefits of using a reverse cycle air conditioner may have persuaded you to make the switch if you haven’t already! Evaporative air conditioning systems may appear to be inexpensive at first, but continuous operation reveals that they are in fact inefficient in terms of energy consumption.

It is not difficult to transition from an evaporative to a reverse cycle unit and at Crispair, we can help you change over your evaporative system easily! Before making your decision, you can learn more about our evaporative changeover service here. Simply book your next service with us or contact the Crispair team for more information.