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Split System Air Conditioning

As one of Perth’s most respected names in Air Conditioning, Crispair specialises in Split System Air conditioning solutions.

Split System Air Conditioning is an ideal alternative to ducted systems with a optimal design and focus to target one room or area of the house.

Why Choose a Split System?

Whether you need air conditioning for just one room, such as a bedroom, theatre or office, or for a large area of the home such as an open plan living area, the split system air conditioning is a efficient and cost effective option.

Split systems take their name from the fact the system is split between the wall mounted part of the unit on the interior of the room and the external outside mounted unit. The inward air dispenser provides cool ‘icy’ blasts through the use of refrigerants and the outside mount dissipating the warm air. The opposite occurs when heating is required and research has shown wall splits to be the most efficient method to heat an area.

The Benefit of a Split System Air Con

The benefits that split system air conditioning provides lie in its highly specific room targeted conditioning of air.

This means that there is first of all a massive reduction in energy costs as only one room is being targeted and not the whole house and also the installation is much more simple and easy when compared to other methods.

Smart Technology

The Split Systems are also often equipped with electronic eye technology to change their outflow depending on whether or not there are people in the room, therefore minimising air flow wastage when no one is present.

There is also very little fluctuations of temperature with the cooling/warming effect being able to be so finely tuned it can be maintained throughout extended periods without fault.

The air flow can be regulated across the room in such a way that the temperature remains constant throughout.

Whisper Quiet Operation

As with the ducted system, noise reduction is crucial and with the split system air conditioning that is nothing to worry about. At Crispair we understand that comfortable air conditioning and noise reduction go hand in hand and with the split system we are certain you will not be disappointed.

Fast & Efficient Climate Control

Another great feature that the split system provides is its ability to reach the desired air temperature in a heartbeat. Due to the energy efficiency and quality of technology that the split system utilises, the cooling effect that the air conditioner produces is now much quicker.

It does this through creating a convection current in blowing the air upwards rather than directly down. This circular motion of air means less time waiting in your warm house for it to cool down and more time relaxing at the temperatures you want.

The Crispair Difference

At Crispair we employ two main split systems that we both sell and install; Panasonic and Daikin. Both these well known brands have an excellent range of products, and together with our professional service and consultation you are sure to find the product that works most optimally for you.

We have been with the Panasonic dealer network for over 20 years and installed many ducted systems and wall splits. We have been involved with the distribution and installation of Daikin products since 1987 and it is our firm belief that when it comes to any models being sold by those manufacturers, we will be able to satisfy your every need.

In your pursuit to buy a high quality air conditioner, look no further than the service, range & price available for your split system air con we provide at Crispair.

Call us today to discuss how we can help you get into a split system air conditioning system today on (08) 9240 1817.

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Brandon was quick to come and give me a quote and kept me informed of installation date. Installers (Sorry think Sebastian & Cassidy ?) were efficient and cleaned up everything after themselves and made sure I knew how to operate system. Very impressed with everything. Thank you
Joyce Caffell
Joyce C.
02:46 19 Feb 20
Great service Paul was the only person who asked me questions and offered alternatives.Another company tried to sell the model down which wasn't as energy efficient. Running cost was high on my list.No fuss great installers clean and quick old unit was taken for disposing without even asking.I would recommend based on my experience.
Dean Jones
Dean J.
10:16 14 Feb 20
Great service Paul was the only person who asked me questions and offered alternatives.Another company tried to sell the model down which wasn't as energy efficient. Running cost was high on my list.No fuss great installers clean and quick old unit was taken for disposing without even asking.I would recommend based on my experience.
Dean Jones
Dean J.
11:39 11 Feb 20
Great Panasonic reverse cycle ducted aircon installed by knowledgable professional people. From Paul, who promptly came out early one morning and gave us a comprehensive quote ( even though he was exceedingly busy in the lead up to Christmas)to the installers and electricians, they're a great team! Highly recommended.
Kathy Farrelly
Kathy F.
04:42 13 Jan 20
Best experience I’ve had with a trade in a long time! The company is so professional from start to finish; prompt, attentive & thorough. And prices are competitive for quality of products and workmanship.
romena manning
romena M.
12:33 20 Dec 19
Highly recommended. Paul (managing director) attended with an hours notice to quote on replacement of the old AC units in the property we purchased, and arranged installation for two days later. Install technicians were on time, friendly, and did a great job without causing any damage to the property. Overall a fantastic experience. Thanks Paul!! You run a great team.
Jeffrey Allen
Jeffrey A.
12:39 18 Dec 19
This is the second time I've used Crispair (residential Daikin split system, love it), and once again the installation team were friendly and professional; so were the office/quote team, who answered all my questions (I'm that guy). The pipework/cabling/level is all very neat, and they tidied up after themselves completely. Highly recommended.
peter pieloor
peter P.
03:00 09 Dec 19
Excellent service. Prompt installation. Fantastic price. The air con system is unbelievably efficient and easy to operate and maintain. Would highly recommend Crispair.
Lea Lang
Lea L.
06:48 13 Nov 19
We were in the market for a new reverse cycle air conditioner as ours was outdated and had blown out. We spoke with Crispair at the Home Show and Paul Cameron came out and did a thorough survey of what was in place and supplied us with a quotation for a brand new Panasonic unit. Paul was very thorough and explained that we needed a full replacement due to age and inefficiency of the previous installation. The install was quick and tidy by the Crispair team. Yesterday was the first 40 degree day and WOW what a difference, we are totally amazed at how cool the house is. iZone controls are so easy to use and the zoning is perfect. I have no hesitation in recommending Crispair. Thank you Paul and the team! Susan and Shane Imgrund - Jandakot.
Susan Imgrund
Susan I.
07:29 10 Nov 19
Repaired our Daikin reverse cycle with no fuss and very professional.Analysed the problem then returned with the genuine parts and carried out the repairs with no mess. Thankyou
Anthony Paolino
Anthony P.
23:17 27 Jul 18
Great advise and service. Very happy with our aircon. Had one call back and they responded fast.
Allan Thiel
Allan T.
06:39 27 Dec 17
We've actually used Crispair twice, once for a business installation for a server room and the second time for a full home replacement. On both occasions they had excellent customer service and installations were to a very high standard.Visited the show room a number of times and always very helpful and informative. The day of the home installation went brilliantly, guys rocked up bang on time and worked through the day into the evening. Because of problems removing the old unit (that was badly installed) the installation took a bit longer than planned so they worked as late as possible then came back first thing the next day to finish it off. Left the house very clean and tidy and were very mindful of us having a newborn baby. Would definitely recommend Crispair and will certainly use them again in the future.
Richard Telford
Richard T.
07:21 07 Nov 17