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Replacing Your Old Air Conditioner

Good news for those whose current air conditioner has reached the end of its useful life. Our research and development team have compared the average running costs of an old Daikin air conditioning system against a current Daikin model.
This comparison was based on delivering identical heating and cooling running times. The results found that households have the potential to save up to 46% with a split system and 25% with a ducted system. This was based upon a select 15 year old Daikin model, against a current Daikin model.
If the duct and components are replaced at the same time then further savings in running costs can be found as the efficiency of the components used today when compared to what was available 15 years ago is dramatic.

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Client Success Stories

Crispair really do provide service well beyond my expectations and I have been active in sharing my experience with others. As a Manager within a local government business unit, I deal with many suppliers of goods and services.

Unfortunately, issues with reliability and service are often an area of concern. As you may imagine, it was a very pleasant surprise to experience such a high degree of professionalism from the team at Crispair.

Greg Glenforest November 17, 2014