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iLight Giveaway

Great news. For a limited time, Crispair is giving away either 3 x iLight downlights or 3 x iLight globes with every air conditioning system sold with the iZone435 colour touchscreen air conditioning controller.

Nothing compares to the efficiency of the iLight. With iLight you can colour your world in whatever colour you choose, or alternatively in any shade of white. Selections are made via your smart phone.

iLight is very easy to install and once you have downloaded the iLight App you are only limited by your imagination. Some of the many iLight features are as follows.

  • iLight can be any shade of white or any colour you choose.
  • Occupancy sensing and light intensity wireless switches are available to maximise efficiency.
  • Create whatever mood lighting you want from either your standing lamps or downlights, and save it as a favourite on your phone or controller.
  • Holiday mode allows your lights to be programmed to turn on and off at night while you are away, making it less obvious that you are not home.
  • Music sync allows your lighting to be coordinated with your music to create the perfect party atmosphere.
  • iLight globes are DIY and very easy to install.

With these features, its little wonder that many of our customers are choosing to light their complete homes with iLight. This FREE 3 globe or 3 downlight starter kit is certainly a great offer not to miss. More information on iLight can be found on the iLight page here on our website.

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