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Airstream iLight

Colour Your World with Innovative Lighting For Your Home


Lighting your home is a fairly obvious necessity when it comes to being able to see what you are doing. However, what if you took lighting your home that one step further and actually started playing around with mood lighting. You may have already tried using coloured bulbs in lamps and in area’s that you don’t require the standard bright white light.

This form of mood lighting is quite restricting and doesn’t enable you with any kind of control and variation to the types of moods you are seeking to create.

At Crispair we offer you iLight which is an innovative and automated lighting system that is easy to use and where installation is almost non-existent.

Take control of your environment and charm your senses by orchestrating your own ambience, whether you are looking to conduct fun, excitement or relaxation for your room or whole house.

The iLight bulbs are energy-efficient LED lighting with intelligent radio-controlled light bulbs, which you can control through an app on your smartphone or tablet.

Install anywhere in your home and simply follow these 3 steps;

  1. Download the App
  2. Install your iLights
  3. Pair and play

Never before have you been able to set the mood quite like this. Using just your smartphone with the iLight App you can select the colour of your room in any shade and desired lighting affect.


A New Generation of ultra-efficient, programmable wireless home lighting that you control.

  • Inexpensive – No costly automation system to purchase, just an iLight bulb and Wifi Bridge.
  • Efficient – Long-lasting LED iLight bulbs are the most efficient bulbs available.
  • Easy to Install – No wiring or electrician. Just download the app and install your iLights.
  • Intuitive – Control your iLights with the tap of a finger, from anywhere anytime.
  • Scalable – Install one iLight, an entire constellation, or fitout your whole home. It’s easy.
  • Flexible – iLights work in any standard light fitting – ceiling lights, wall lights or lamps.
  • Fun – iLights embrace your lifestyle – any colour, anytime, anywhere you like.

To find out more, talk to us at Crispair today.

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Client Success Stories

The house was left in a very tidy state and all packaging was removed. I would like to thank you and the whole team for your very professional manner.

Lee Shenton Park New Installation November 17, 2014