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Changing your evaporative system to reverse cycle air conditioning

Recently we have been receiving many enquiries from customers who have an existing evaporative system and wish to change to reverse cycle (heating and cooling).

Generally, a breakdown of their current system is a catalyst for looking to change to reverse cycle air conditioning, but the greatest concern that customer have is that their evaporative system is no longer efficient and reliable at cooling and heating their home.

While evaporative systems are cheap to run they are certainly not efficient on humid days as the added humidity in the air, combined with the moisture the evaporative system produces, takes the air inside the house to saturation point, which gives you that uncomfortable clammy feeling you would be aware of.

The advantage of reverse cycle air conditioning over evaporative air conditioning is that you have total control over the temperature, with the added benefit of using your reverse cycle system for heating in the cooler months. Another bonus is that Reverse cycle air conditioning also removes the moisture from the air on those humid days.

The efficiency of reverse cycle is continually improving at a rapid rate thanks to better performing systems, continual product improvement by manufacturers, as well as advanced control systems that allow you to control temperature and air flow to every area of the house. Reverse cycle air conditioning is more expensive to run when compared to evaporative cooling so it is important to research the varying controls and brands that are available in order to minimise the running costs which you will now inherit once you make a selection. While the purchase price is obviously an issue to consider, the running cost is the ongoing cost that you will be paying every quarter for the next 10 to 15 years. A cheap system will be generally more expensive to run.

Crispair offer a total turnkey solution to change from evaporative to reverse cycle systems. The changeover is all performed in one day. For more information, please give our friendly and informative sales team a call to answer any further questions that you may have.

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